Start an Intercom conversation from a FanExam NPS response

FanExam has both an event and a conversation integration with Intercom.  We recommend to use both integrations such that you can measure NPS in Intercom and reply to your customer’s responses.

You can directly start a conversation in Intercom when you receive a NPS response.  This is the quickest way to directly reach out to a customer and thank for a good rating or solve a problem with a detractor rating.

How to start a conversation in Intercom

  1.   Set up a user identifier (email) in your FanExam tag code.
  2.   Then, in the FanExam settings, under “Worflow configuration, create a new automated reaction.  Choose “Any Type” and “gives open feedback” and/or “rates your website”, then choose “send email”.  As an email address, choose your incoming Intercom address.

That’s it.  You can now reply to your customers’ ratings directly in Intercom.